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W-L-T STK L3 L10
2-1-0 L1 2-1-0 2-1-0
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W-L-T STK L3 L10
3-1-0 W2 2-1-0 3-1-0


Milwaukee's Best shares a lot in common with their namesake beer. They're a hard-working, blue collar squad, but they're also here for a good time. The team's Wisconsin roots run deep, having been originally formed in the office of Jim Sensenbrenner and with a number of Wisconsinites on the roster. This year's team features a number of current and former Hill staffers, a few lobbyists, and even a member of the Hill's 50 Most Beautiful. Their style of play also shares a lot in common with their namesake beer. A perennial playoff team, they aren't flashy and don't have a ton of hops, but they're fundamental and will get the job done. Last year's late-season matchup with Various Positions resulted in a close loss for Milwaukee's Best, and they're looking forward to this year's rematch.