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W-L-T STK L3 L10
6-0-0 W6 3-0-0 6-0-0
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W-L-T STK L3 L10
8-0-0 W8 3-0-0 8-0-0


Raucus Caucus
Despite the fact that Raucus Caucus has been a tournament regular for the past several years, and even made a Final Four appearance in 2014, our almost season-long residence at the top of the standings has engendered some QAnon-esque conspiracy chat. A dip in attendance several years back pushed RC to recruit a more committed core of players, which brought our talent levels to new highs and set us on a path to success. 

Our triumphs are on the backs of our players, not our 4+ year old bats (of which we have approximately one total functioning bat causing great stress when we can't find it...). The women of RC carry our team and have been the greatest part of our collective sum for several seasons now while an infusion of youth on the men's side has helped round out the squad. This sustained success has led us to believe that 2018 is going to be the year when we take down the House Softball jabberwocky and win the whole thing. We like challenging ourselves during the season and are looking forward to this high-level bilateral summit with The Diplomats. We plan on doing more damage to them than the Trump administration has done to the State Department’s budget. May the best team win in this potential tournament preview slated for Wednesday night in the heart of the DC swamp.

The Diplomats
The Diplomats aka the Dips aka Franklin and Marshall College aka F&M aka not the State Department aka not the Diplobats aka the best D III Alumni team in the land have been following up our breakout 2017 campaign with another stellar regular season. We are looking forward to extending our 20 game regular season unbeaten streak against a truly formidable opponent of the Raucus Caucus. We played each other in last year's tourney and barely escaped with a W so we are expecting a tough match-up. GO DIPS!