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W-L-T STK L3 L10
6-2-1 W4 3-0-0 6-2-1
Gameday Matchup
W-L-T STK L3 L10
6-4-0 W4 3-0-0 6-4-0


Children of the Corn
The Children of the Corn are riding a four-game winning streak into a massive tilt with serious playoff implications this Thursday night with 42nd ranked bubble team Swag Team 6. The Corn's four wins have come since the standings have gone dark and ranking 33rd point the Corn are pushing to raise the tournament seed as high as possible to avoid those bleak early morning tournament games. With a simple appearance on Thursday the Corn achieve the highly prized season-long goal of playing 10 games! But with a win, it puts them in prime position to head into the tournament as a favorite for the first time in years and maybe even help them get out of the first round on September 15th. Go Corn, it’s time to knock the swag out of Swag Team 6!
SwagTeam 6
Swag Team 6 enters the week gunningfor their 5th win in as many weeks.  The squad has been culled,the defense has settled in, and the bats have come alive – the baseball equivalent of the stars aligning or Mercury being in Gatorade or whatever.  Eying their first playoff invitation in a few years, Swag Team 6 is thirsty for another W in these waning days of summer. 
Swag Team 6, fka Stimulus Package,fka Talent Show, fka Control Alt Delete, remains an institution of the house softball league.  Formerly run by a group of hill staffers, Swag Team 6 has evolved into one of the loudest, drunkest, and most profane teams in the US House softball league.  Our enemies know us far and wide by the screams of “THAT’S HOW YOU F***ING PLAY SOFTBALL” as well as the varied musical stylings and clouds of smoke coming from the sidelines.  We are unapologetic in our enthusiasm, our beer crushing and our enjoyment of the game. We are scientists, bartenders, social workers, journalists, lawyers, musicians, firefighters, freaks and weirdos, yet every Thursday we are an indomitable force known as SWAG TEAM 6.  
Many have succeeded (but many morehave failed) to topple this monolith known as Swag Team 6 softball.
Will the adults of Swag team 6 go 5-for-5, or will the children of the corn ritualistically murder their competition before slinking back into the corn rows?