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W-L-T STK L3 L10
1-2-0 L1 1-2-0 1-2-0
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W-L-T STK L3 L10
2-2-0 L1 1-2-0 2-2-0


The Quakes - are a long-standing California-born team with deep roots that started back in the late 1970's (with some hiatus) by the staff of late Rep. George Brown Jr. (D-CA).   According to team historian and archivist Gabe Paal: "The Quakes have fielded a team each and every season since the early 90's."  Several current members were on those 90's teams that played almost each and every game ON THE ACTUAL MALL!  The team formerly played in The Congressional Softball league and jumped ship for the House Softball league at its inception.  We have four former coaches who still play on the team to this day.

According to Gabe, "There is only one current member who worked with George, who died in '99.  The Quakes used to be the Mighty Holsteins, but changed in the early 90's since the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes were in the district (and they gave us free shirts!)." Gabe said, "At least 3 marriages were born because of the team and, In a moment that I imagine was a first in DC Recreational Softball History, a father (Tom, who played in the 70s) and son (Joe, who played in the 90s) once hit homers in same game."  Our high water mark as far as performance was likely our Sweet 16 tournament run last year where we knocked off the overall #2 seed.  We're pretty proud of that.

We don't have team uniforms but are (we think) famous for our weekly themes (funny t-shirt, Christmas in July, concert shirt, Hawaiian, Goth, yes, Goth (attached), etc., with matching beverages.  All the while trying to remain as competitive as possible throughout the season, while fielding a team that often features a 50-50 split of females and males and overall attendance that usually runs in the high teens or twenties. And we bat through the entire lineup!  There is no team in the league less likely to forfeit because of numbers than the Quakes.  So, if you want a sure thing and you pass our rigorous compatibility test, you really should play the Quakes sometime.  

For this week's game, we're battling, by far, our favorite opponent in Old&Slow.  The games are always fun, competitive, full of trash talk, and we've never run out of beverages. Well, except that year where all we had left was one can of STRAWberITA.  That wasn't fun for anyone.  In any case, I predict a Quakes 14-13 win.  We'll score the winning run in the bottom of the 7th on a disputed call at the plate  Old&Slow's coach will give us the run because she's cool and honest, but mostly because she'll just want the game to end so, they can start shotgunning some beers.

- formerly known as The MisHits, formerly known as The Gretzskys - has been a fixture in the bottom half/third of the League for the past 11 years.  "The Tournament" is something we read about in emails, not something we ever have (or likely will) attend.  Not that we're upset about it since our merry band of misfits comes to the field (and you WILL see us coming with our construction orange shirts which have literally stopped traffic) for one thing, mostly: the smack-talk.  Yeah, there's what some might classify as "softball" actions thrown in there (if there were an award for errors, we would crush the competition); a few trips to the cooler (and always a shotgun competition or dizzy bat race after the game); but our claim to fame is smack-talking ... mostly ourselves, but occasionally a good-natured opponent.  Opposing teams (including the formidable Quakes) have commented on our ability to heckle each other with creativity and gusto.  From the famous "Dick Chant" to making fun of one another for being old and/or slow, no one on the team escapes the wrath (including its illustrious and somewhat masochistic coach for corralling this motley crew for a decade).  Yet, surprisingly, we field a team each year and get regular opponents (three cheers for the fun, less-softball focused teams!), who enjoy our spirit ... and kicking our butts. 

Old&Slow is ready to face off against their perennial rivals - the Quakes - in this first match-up of the season.  We have our knee braces ready; our cooler full of refreshing seltzers; and a big can of Smack Talk awaiting your funny t-shirt display and (seemingly) 5,000-member roster (just don't injure us ... we're delicate)!