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W-L-T STK L3 L10
3-1-0 W3 3-0-0 3-1-0
Gameday Matchup
W-L-T STK L3 L10
2-0-0 W2 2-0-0 2-0-0


Left Swingers: They say Democrats are in disarray, but the Left Swingershaven't noticed. Riding high off of three consecutive playoff appearances and in their seventh season, the Left Swingers have shown the league that it can find home base by pitching a big tent to combine forces across the progressive landscape. Knowing that politics makes for strange bedfellows, the Left Swingers don't let party infighting prevent them from forging a path to victory. This is a team that can not only bat both ways to secure the body politic but one that also consistently wins the popular vote among their companions in the league. This will be the Left Swingers first match up against Art of the Steel, and they are determined to win this game without letting weather, big mud puddles, or interference by hostile foreign powers get in their way.
Art of the Steel: The official team of the Keystone State, is back for their fourth season, coming off back-to-back playoff appearances.  Last year they ran hot in the playoffs, upsetting Victorious Secret and subsequently put the #5 seed, No Glove no love on upset alert, taking the game into extra innings.  If you want to understand how to be successful, pick up a copy of Art of the Deal and look no further than Art of the Steel.  This team's triple entendre threat will steal bases, represent the hardworking steelworkers from the Commonwealth, and make softball great again. Compromised of god-fearing, 2A-supporting, and USA-loving Republicans, we are proud that our state delivered for our 45th President. We are prepared for our first ever match-up again the Left Swingers - we were able to use our tax cut to buy new equipment, and our fielders will defend our infield border.