Game of the Week


W-L-T STK L3 L10
2-2-1 L1 2-1-0 2-2-1
Gameday Matchup
W-L-T STK L3 L10
2-0-0 W2 2-0-0 2-0-0


The Diplobats - composed of former high-ranking state department officials and loyal Trump supporters, The Diplobats are led by manager, G. Alexander Briggs IV. "Alex" is the 3rd coach in his family's lineage to helm the team preceding by his father and his grandfather, Glenn Jr. who created the team during the Nixon administration but quickly resigned due to an incident at the Watergate Hotel.

The Dips' tentacles stretch far into many D.C. organizations like Kids 4 Tobacco, and Press Secs for America. Will Stone, team chaplain, and emotional leader, discussed what it meant to be the Cap Lounge Game of the Week, " The $25 would mean a lot for us, but it would mean much more to the kids". The Dips have promised to donate the $25 gift card to a local nonprofit called Shots for Tots, a local initiative that encourages healthy alcohol use in our nation's youth.

The Diplomats -
aka the real Dips are ready to take on their arch-name-nemesis the Diplobats aka the Diplo-mammal fan club. Our storied history only dates back a couple of years, but boy is it storied. We look forward to another name battle out in the tundra of Anacostia on ThursdayYEER DIPS!"