Game of the Week


W-L-T STK L3 L10
3-1-0 W2 2-1-0 3-1-0
Gameday Matchup
W-L-T STK L3 L10
5-2-1 W1 2-1-0 5-2-1


Mixed Nuts - were founded in 2001 by staffers in Rep. Rosa DeLauro's office. In the early years, the team was a bunch of young, single, beer-loving hill staffers from a number of offices with a wide range (or lack) of softball experience which usually held down the bottom 1/3 of the rankings. Despite losing records for the first half of our existence, we always had a full cooler and lots of fun. Not to mention that the team has been responsible for at least four marriages of Mixed Nuts teammates! As the years went on and people left the hill, we have lived up to our name and are a mixed bunch of friends from DC, Northern VA, and PG County, MD. For the last several years a core group of skilled players has kept us in the middle of the pack despite our aging knees and the growing number of kids and dogs on our sidelines, along with the full cooler. We don't hit the bars after games as much as we used to (shout out to our long-time sponsor, Hamilton's), but we linger on our Anacostia fields until the cooler's empty or the park police do the twilight drive past us to kick us out. And if we still don't feel like going home, it's off to Bon Chon! 

After a review of our admittedly spotty team records, it seems that this may be our first game against Whiskey Rebellion. Hopefully, the Mixed Nuts coaches won't be facing a rebellion of our own for scheduling against a team with as many top 30 rankings as Whiskey! The Mixed Nuts are looking forward to a game so hot we'll think of it as roasted and lightly salted, and hopefully a whole lot of fun.