Game of the Week

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W-L-T STK L3 L10
6-2-1 W4 3-0-0 6-2-1
Gameday Matchup
W-L-T STK L3 L10
6-4-0 W4 3-0-0 6-4-0


For the second time this season the Children of the Corn come away winners in the game of the week. With only ten players in attendance it required a scrappy performance from the Corn. The game showed moments of brilliance on each side, and moments of ineptitude, but the winning difference was wise base running... yup, of all the facets of the game it was the aggressive-heads up base running style deployed by the Corn that put the pressure on and made the difference and put a stop to the Swag Team 6 winning streak. With this 20-16 victory, the Children of the Corn are riding a five game winning streak (all after the standings went dark) into their season finale next Wednesday. It’ll be interesting to see what ranking the algorithm spits out for this gritty Midwestern squad looking to make a little run in the tournament this season.